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Cardinal George Has The Authority To Protect Life And Marriage In Illinois

Rockford, Il –– 1-1-2013 – by Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Illinois has a Catholic Governor, Pat Quinn, who publicly supports murdering babies in the womb and the soul-destroying legalization of homosexual marriage.  Governor Quinn proudly and publicly claims he does these evils because of his faith. All of our Illinois Bishops remain silent in the face of this mockery of the life, marriage, and the Catholic Faith.

Governor Quinn is also under the authority of Cardinal George who has flatly refused to use his authority to discipline Gov. Quinn. Is it any wonder that our “Catholic” Governor continues his destruction of human life and families when the leader of the Church in Illinois refuses to use the authority of his office to excommunicate a Governor who uses his Catholic faith and political power to destroy countless human lives and souls.

Recent comments from Cardinal George about the possibility of homosexual marriage being passed in Illinois show a lack of urgency in defending the faith, “You want to be sure that everybody has a chance at happiness. That’s a very persuasive argument,” George said.

Cardinal George also said the homosexual marriage bill’s introduction has some “inevitability to it now.”

If Cardinal George and all the Illinois Bishops declare that any politician who claims to be Catholic, including Gov. Quinn, votes for a homosexual marriage bill would be automatically and publicly excommunicated, this would stand a very good chance of protecting marriage. If the bill still passed, excommunicating these heretical politicians who be a public sign to our Lord and Savior that there are still people who are not cowards in the face of the culture of death.

Please contact Cardinal George and ask him to excommunicate Governor Quinn if he signs a homosexual marriage bill in to law.


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  1. Cheryl Hartman says:

    It is always interesting to change the verbiage and use another sin instead of homosexuality. For example, were we to say “man/boy marriage” that is, marriage between a young child and an adult, the uproar would be powerful. Sin is sin. Homosexuality is not some special category which God ignores with a wink.

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